Episode #8: Reasons Why You Should NOT Be An Influencer

Almost everyone wants to be an influencer.

And if you’re curious enough to listen to this podcast, I guess you’re among them too.

The truth is that there is more to being an influencer than you think.

In this episode I share 3 reasons you should NOT be an influencer. But make sure you stick to the very end to listen to what it actually means to be an influencer.

Links to Stuff I Mention in the Show

Human by Jhyve –  https://soundcloud.com/thisisjhyve/human

Check out Jhyve’s other songs on Soundcloud –  https://soundcloud.com/thisisjhyve

 Want your song to feature on the podcast? Send me an email with a link (or two) with your song to vicky@vickylaw.com. Use the subject line: Millennial Musician

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