How to Write in Your Own Voice & Not Cringe When You Do It


how to write in your own voice

Ghostwriters are the freelance writing world’s shape-shifters. You’re expected to write in the manner and style as the person hiring you. Do this for 8 hours straight and you’ll really be a ghost with your true self buried six-feet under.

When you want to shift gear and start writing your own stuff, you find yourself writing in a way that’s not you. The worst part of it all is that you’ll begin to hate the whole experience, because you know deep down in your soul that it’s a fake.

This experience isn’t restricted to ghostwriters alone. It can happen when you want to write in a particular style that you think, in your moments of entrepreneurial delusion, that it’ll make you get accepted. That’s what I lovingly call my ‘Forbesy (Forbes-worthy) phase’. I’ve been there. I know how it feels.

Writing in your own voice makes it easier for your thoughts and ideas to flow better. When you write in a voice that’s not yours, you’re expected to write within constraints. But in your own voice, there’s freedom. It makes the whole writing experience actually fun.

All it takes to retrieve your voice from the dusty haunted tomb are these 3 things:

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How Tam Pham Cured My Writing Problem

How Tam Pham Cured My Writing Problem

“I love writing! That’s something I can do all day!”
[Stares at blank document for 45 minutes.]

“Umm…maybe I need some inspiration?”
[Logs in to Facebook. Writes super long value-packed posts in a couple of Facebook groups. Takes a selfie, uploads it on Instagram with deep inspirational caption. Tweets 20 people on Twitter. Time spent: 1 hour.]

“I can write that post now.”
[Writes a paragraph. Deletes everything.]

Sounds familiar?

You’ve probably experienced something like this a couple of times when you wanted to write something for your blog or some writing project you were assigned to do.

You want to write something, but your anxiety doesn’t allow you to do it. You blank out, just like the blank document in front of you.
As you stare at the white space and the blinking insertion point, they stare back mocking you for being so…stupid.