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How Solving Problems Pays the Bills – The Rest Is BS


There was a time when the last thing I wanted in my life were problems. Now I’m a good scavenger of them. I’d even search for them in the garbage if I have to – or maybe not, but you get what I mean.

There are 2 things that keep me up at night, one of them is thinking about how to solve my problems and the other is finding a solution to other people’s problems.

If someone told me some years ago that problems could pay the bills, I’d probably just scratch my head. The truth is that the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who solve common problems.

People are constantly searching for ways to solve their own problems. These same people are willing to pay to have their problems solved, because just like you and I their problems keep them up at night too. There’s an urgency to make that pain point go away. If you can solve it, you win – and get your bills paid. It’s as simple as that.