6 Valuable Tips You Can Learn About Creating Your Products From Pouring Water in Your Glass



Studying myself pouring water in a glass may sound really weird. But as someone who is a strong believer that you learn something new from the craziest and the most unlikely, I’m open to anything.

For an online entrepreneur, creating digital products can do a lot for your business. It’s a good way of making passive income, showcase your expertise, attract more of your target audience, and open doors to opportunities.

Here are 6 tips you can learn about creating your products from pouring water in your glass.

Tip #1: Satisfy your target audience’s thirst.

One of the reasons why you drink water in the first place is because you are thirsty.  When you are thirsty, all you want at that point is to drink something. Thirst can sometimes get you out of bed and head for the kitchen just for a glass of water. Something that can take you out of your comfortable bed is definitely something that you consider so important that you can’t afford to let it wait.

The same applies to when you are creating products for your business. When you are creating your products, make sure that your product is something that your target audience wants. Let your product be the solution to the problem that keeps your target audience up at night.

Tip #2: Give something extra.

The more water you pour in the glass, the fuller it becomes. A fuller glass definitely stands out from the class of empty glasses and from glasses that are half full.

Let’s face it. There are so many people in your niche doing almost the same thing as you. The only thing that will make you stand out is when you do something totally different from the rest.
For your product to stand out and be worthwhile add that little something that your competition doesn’t give. Give more value to your target audience. Make your product more user-friendly. Break down the steps or processes for your audience so they can understand it and apply it better. Make your product achieve better and faster results than what your competition is giving. Extra doesn’t have to be much. Little can go a long way.

Tip #3: Determine your boundaries and stick with it.

When you pour water into a glass, the water stays within the confines of that glass. Unless there’s a crack in the glass, the water will remain there.

When you’re creating your own products make sure you clearly define what your product is about, its contents and the results you intend your product to have on your target audience. Don’t go outside what you have clearly defined.

Have an outline and follow it. It will save you time. You’ll know exactly where you are going. And you’ll stay focused towards getting to the end.

Tip #4: When you’re stuck draw on inspiration around you.

Do you find it difficult to come up with great products ideas? It’s okay. We all go through that sometimes.

To get water in an empty glass, you need to take water from a source (jug, bottle, etc) and pour it into your glass. In the same way when you feel low on ideas or inspiration allow the things you see around you, the different products you see other people create, and the articles you read fill your creative mind. When your mind is inspired, ideas flow easily and you’ll be able to create that awesome product.

Tip #5: Reflect what’s within you.

The way you can see through the water in your glass, that’s the same way people see you through your products.

You need to show your personality so that your audience can really connect with you. Win people’s attention, love and trust by being authentic at all times.

Share your story with them. When you do this, it creates the impression that if you could make it then so can they.  They’ll feel that they can trust you to solve their problems because you’ve been there.

Have the right mindset when creating your products. You must be convinced about what you’re giving in your product. If you’re not convinced about the information you’re putting out there, then neither will the people who are going to use your product. If you’re not sure about the success of your product, the people won’t be convinced that it’ll work either.

Tip #6: If it’s not working, then reshape it.

When water is in a bottle, it takes the shape of the bottle. The minute it’s poured into a glass, the water takes a new shape.

Ever created a product that you were so sure it’d sell but it never did? Did you start working on a product only to find out that your audience is not interested in that kind of stuff?

There’re so many reasons why your product ideas may fail. Learning from your failures and making the necessary changes can give your product idea another chance. Sometimes all your product idea needs to succeed is a little tweak. It may be the copy, the cover page, the content, or maybe your product is for a different audience. Identify what didn’t work and make some adjustments.
There’s so much information about how you can make your business better. It’s also good to look at your business with an open mind. You’ll never know where the best ideas and the deepest insights come from.

Take time to listen and observe the things around you. Even things like washing the dishes or cooking a meal can tell you something about your business. So don’t over look them! They might be telling you something about yourself and your business that no one would ever tell you in a lifetime.

Next time you’re thinking of creating a product, grab yourself a bottle of water and pour it in your glass. It might tell you something new.


Original post featured on Huffington Post.


Author: Vicky Law

Freelance writer and content marketer on a mission to kick ass, touch hearts and pick your target audience’s pockets with my writing.

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By Vicky Law

Freelance writer and content marketer on a mission to kick ass, touch hearts and pick your target audience's pockets with my writing. Interested? Click here to hire me...before I'm fully booked.

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