Episode #2: How to Overcome Your Bullshit

The podcast has changed a lot since Episode 1. Super excited about it! More changes coming your way.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll go in and out of your bullshit until you finally conquer it.

Here’s a bombshell (and you need to take my word for it): It’s not bad for you to go into your bullshit. It’s not something you should beat yourself over. It’s really okay. What you should not do is to stay stuck in your bullshit for so long.

How can you get over your bullshit? Here are some of the things I talk about in today’s episode:

  1. Don’t compare yourself with someone else. (Big ‘DUH’ but it’s worth reminding yourself about it over and over)
  2. Celebrate yourself (Always and everyday)
  3. Be genuinely proud of yourself and don’t be afraid to voice it out.
  4. Validate yourself (Don’t expect it from anyone else)
  5. Focus on your accomplishments (not your problems. You don’t need any of that)
  6. Appreciate yourself (Because you are awesome and you deserve it more than anyone else)
  7. Compliment yourself (And do it often. You’re a badass.)
  8. Affirm your awesomeness (Enough said)

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