Episode #1: Content Ideas to Get You Started as a Thought Leader in Your Industry (Immediately After Listening to This Podcast)

Content plays a huge role in building your brand.

I remember scrolling through my Instagram feeds and stumbling on one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos. A lady walked up to his car and asked him what can help her get motivated. In the most matter of fact way Gary said “You’re gonna die.”

Those 3 words didn’t just shock the lady, it shocked me too.

“You’re gonna die” is the last thing you would expect as something motivational. But if you take the core message of those words you are on your way to live a meaningful life.

I guess we’re so used to eating up the sugar coated bullshit we get online. We need something with more spine like “You’re gonna die” to help us know that you either do something or you regret it forever.

(Side note: You’ll see Gary’s name appear a lot. I’m a huge fan. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. You can check this out.)

Life is short to go around carrying your dreams, plans and mission in your head hoping that they will come true one day.

You need to do it now.

You need to be that person now.

Now is the golden opportunity you’ve always been waiting for.

I didn’t intent my content to be preachy or motivational.  My main aim is to show you how to use the right kind of content to build your brand and add fuel to your mission.

I felt that the best way to start the first ever episode of the Millennial Out Loud Podcast is a quick reminder  that it’s time to get started on that dream you have been postponing for too long.

In this this podcast I’ll talk about:

  • Why you should start working on building your legacy now instead of waiting for the “perfect” time. Here’s a hint: The perfect time will never come but I’ll mention when the right time is.
  • How you can build a brand and put it out there for FREE. All you need to do is to be resourceful. I’ve got you covered with a couple if pretty smart ideas.
  • Industry specific, tried and tested content strategies that will help you grow your brand and get visible. If you’re a writer, coach, web designer or at least aspire to be any one of those, then this is for you.
  • Maintenance tips to keep your momentum going while you start.

This episode is dedicated to Aderinmola Damilola Joshua Esq. the one man I knew who put in everything to lay down his legacy. We lost him so early. Despite his young age, he did more than anyone his age has ever done.

I also dedicate this episode to Dr. Ijeoma Christy Onwubualili. She was a great friend and motivator. We lost her too early as well.

Although both Aderinmola and Ijeoma never met, their message is the same: You only have one life. Live it.



Author: Vicky Law

Freelance writer and content marketer on a mission to kick ass, touch hearts and pick your target audience’s pockets with my writing.

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7 thoughts on “Episode #1: Content Ideas to Get You Started as a Thought Leader in Your Industry (Immediately After Listening to This Podcast)”

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you love it.

      It was my friend, Toby Nwazor who suggested I launch the podcast today. I’m so glad I did.

  1. Hhey!! Fellow member of the Vayner nation! How are you. This is really good. Gary is legit cuz he’s not fancy lol. Nice work.

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